Monday, October 22, 2007

Want to Help Me Petition the Global Gag Rule?

Hey PWCLers,

If you hadn't heard yet, next Wednesday (Halloween!) the House of Foreign Affairs Committee will be holding a hearing on the Global Gag Rule. This is the foreign policy currently enacted since 2001 that prohibits overseas NGOs from providing education or services regarding abortion. Go to that website for more information.

The statistics are that 78,000 women die every year from unsafe illegal abortions, so I think this is a pretty big deal. If you're like me and want to do something about it, you can help me petition this (BY THIS FRIDAY) by going to NARAL's petition page here. You just download the petition, print it off, and mail it out by Friday. It's that easy. I'll bring a copy for folks to sign at the office, but if you're all riled up about this like me, print off one for your friends and family. Hell, if you can't afford a stamp, I'll give you one!

That's all I've got. Happy petitioning!

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