Sunday, October 28, 2007

Wonder Woman Day 2

Wonder Woman Day was a smashing success. over $23,000 raised! Can you believe that? It's all thanks to Andy Mangles

Here's me with Andy's
Lynda Carter mannequin that he and his partner created. And our own board member Scott Benjamin who stopped by with his wife (Thanks Scott!):

I had to wear my Wonder Woman shirt, of course. They raffled off a whole case full of WW stuff. I was the roaming photographer taking pictures of numerous Wonder Woman costumes of all sizes and varieties. I won all kinds of stuff in the raffle and won a little sketch by a Brazilian artist.

Here's what was bringing the dollars in. The art work. It was all original and Andy had secured artwork from people like Alex Ross and Adam Hughes. Their artwork went for $3k and $6k, respectively with bids coming in over the phone from London. When we walked in the door, $19k had already been raised online in bids.

There were about 122 pieces of artwork. Raphael House flew in Phil Jimenez who did the most incredible original sketches for people for a donation. It was really a fun time and it was nice to be partnering with Raphael House and Bradley-Angle.

Next year, you have got to come!


Kelsey said...

I'm so bummed I missed this. Next year!

Jenny said...

It's looks like it was a great event! I'm sad to say I was doing un-Wonder Womanny things like laundry and crafts.