Monday, December 17, 2007

Eastern Michigan U. Will Pay $2.5-Million to Settle Case With Family of Student Who Was Murdered

The University settled with the family of Laura Dickinson, who had been sexually assaulted and murdered in her dorm room last year. The young woman's family had originally been told that she had passed from a heart problem and that the university suspected no foul play. The article reports that " Ms. Dickinson had suffered from cardiac arrhythmia, and her family, from Hastings, Mich., thought she had died of a heart attack. Only after another student was arrested for her rape and murder—more than two months after her death—did university officials tell her parents that the case had been investigated as a crime. "

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Ledena said...

I'll comment on my own posting just to say that I recently joined the Prevention Connection listserve and recieve a lot of links to recent coverage of sexual assault in the media from people who work at similar agencies around the U.S. If you haven't visited their website yet, it's been really useful to me.