Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Talking about us

Do any of you have Google Alerts? I have one set up to check daily for "portland women's crisis line". This was in my inbox today:

Giving it Away
posted Dec. 12th by Steve

No, I'm not talking about my work for MetroBlogging, I'm talking about my sleek silver beauty, my once-trusty car I just donated to the Portland Women's Crisis Line.

The popularity of donating cars has waned significantly since the tax code changed in 2005. Before then, you could deduct the full "market value" of the vehicle, based on the Kelley Blue Book. Now the charity you donate your vehicle to sends you a receipt for the actual amount they get from the car.

The benefit of donating a car (besides the help to the charity and the 15 bucks you'll save on your taxes) is that you don't have to deal with trying to sell a disabled vehicle. They even come and tow it away.

There are many groups in Portland that will take vehicle donations. This is the second vehicle I've donated, and I highly recommend it.

Thanks for your gift and the shout-out, Steve!

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