Monday, February 4, 2008

Robber Kills 5 Women at Lane Bryant

I hate seeing news articles about senseless and (as always) unnecessary acts of violence against women. 5 women were murdered in an Illinois Lane Bryant store yesterday morning.

CNN is reporting this as a robbery case, but I can't help but think that any act of violence that ends in the death of five women is probably motivated by sexism. Moreover, this happened in LB which is a store for plus size women, so I feel like there's probably a bit of sizeism going on there, too. I'm having trouble believing that five women can die in ONLY a robbery situation. There's got to be more to it.

As a woman, as someone who has shopped at LB, and even just a human being with emotions, this story makes me really, really sad.


Ms. Fincher's Finishing School for Awesome Lads and Lasses said...

God, that is so sad. And I haven't heard about this anywhere else, which is also somewhat disturbing. People getting shot in a mall isn't big news anymore? Yeesh.

Jenny said...

I also an LB shopper, and I don't know if I'm convinced that these murders are related to sizeism. (I'm not convinced that they're not related either).

What I am convinced of is that there's a huge amount of gender discimination going on in the coverage of this story. I happened to read about it when I went to check my e-mail on Saturday morning, but the story was quickly pushed aside in favor of election coverage.

I am reminded of a few years back when two girls were kidnapped and murdered in Oregon City (Ashley Pond and Miranda Gaddis? - I'm not sure I'm remembering the names correctly). I had written a letter to the editor of The Oregonian about their coverage of the case, and a journalist contacted me for a story they were doing on women who were sexually abused as children. The story never ran because the War on Iraq started, and there was no one left to care about child abuse.

I'm tired of crimes against women and children being ignored by our culture while the 24/7 new cycle focuses on what Hillary is wearing today.