Friday, March 14, 2008

SAAM is coming up; march with us on Saturday!

I'll keep this post short, as Rebecca let me know she fell asleep the last time I posted (haha):

We've been working hard on the events for this April's Sexual Assault Awareness Month, and I know it's only the middle of March but you can mark your calendar for the beginning of SAAM:

We're kicking off this year’s Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM) at In Other Word’s Bookstore on April 1st from 2-4 pm with a discussion forum about SAAM and The Clothesline Project. This year PWCL is hosting a series of events spanning the entire month of April including discussion forums, speakers, workshops and a community bicycle ride called Bike Back the Night! Join advocates from the sexual assault program for some food, and conversation about what we’ve planned for the month and how you can get involved. We’ll provide materials to create shirts to be added to the Clothesline Project. The project focuses on providing healing for survivors of violence, educating the public about violence, and providing solutions through individual action to prevent violence. We will display our shirts throughout the month and add them to a 17 year old Clothesline to be displayed at Take Back the Night. For more information about our events visit First 25 to RSVP receive our silk screened SAAM outreach gift bag. RSVP at or call 503-232-9751.

And as a ps----Lyndi and I will be carrying the PWCL banner this Saturday at the peace march . 2pm South Park blocks. See you there!

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