Saturday, April 5, 2008

Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

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April is moving along…

The last time Lyndi and I were preparing to do the Rape Culture workshop we were talking about the continuum activity and I didn’t know what the word “frottage” meant. I learned that it’s the term used to describe when a person bumps up against you, into you or touches you in an inappropriate way for example on the bus or at work. It’s like groping but a little bit more covert. For me, it’s the kind of thing that happens and then you think “no, that must have been a mistake”, or “am I making this up?” I have to say, I am really glad that there is a word for this! And, I am also glad that we have organized our next workshop for SAAM to be about workplace sexual harassment.

The folks over at the law office of Randall Vogt have been very supportive of PWCL and the work that we do and have offered the workshop "Sexual Harassment: What Every Employer Needs to Know" on Wednesday April 9th from 12-1 in downtown Portland at the “big pink” building 111 SW 5th Avenue, suite 1250. This is also great information for every employee to know, in addition to increasing your advocacy knowledge about civil legal options for survivors.

We’ve got lunch provided for us Thanks to Kornblatt’s Deli and New Season’s Market!

Also, don’t forget to check out Sally Tomato’s Toy Room performance at the Wonder Ballroom this weekend, as all of the proceeds benefit PWCL!!! More info at

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