Monday, April 14, 2008

What's Your Dreamworld?

Being 23, I consider myself a child of the MTV generation. I often sat at home when I was younger watching, studying, and drooling over music videos. My favorite, which I learned to imitate and reproduce with friends, was "If" by Janet Jackson. I must have only been 10 or so, but I was recreating some of the most sexual dance moves to one of the most sexual songs of the 1990s.

There's no doubt in my mind that music videos, especially those featured on shows like Total Request Live on MTV, are incredibly influential to the young population, and some might even argue the society at whole. In high school I fawned over rap videos with gorgeous music video girls who would shake their booties in the skimpiest outfits I had ever seen. I wanted to be them, I wanted that attention, and I wanted to feel sexy. These music videos are partly why I consider my teen years to be those where I had the lowest self-esteem and worst body image. Every girl I knew watched those same videos and learned, just as I did, that we weren't good enough until we looked like, acted like, and got as much attention as the girls in these videos.

I tell this story on our humble little blog, not because I think I'm special, but because I think my experience is highly normal for people growing up in the MTV/VH1 generation. I never realized how big of an impact that these videos were on my life and my perception of the world until I saw the documentary, Dreamworlds 3.

In Dreamworlds 3, Sut Jhally continues his examination of how music videos create dreamworlds. Through careful analysis of video clips that Jhally very skillfully juxtaposes against film of real sexual violence, we are encouraged to consider the true impact of the stories being told in music videos.

If you'd like to see Dreamworlds 3, you're in luck! This Friday Allies Against Rape Culture at PSU will be holding a screening at 5th Avenue Cinemas. The film will be shown and there will be a discussion to follow. I really hope to see some of you there to discuss this very important and relevant documentary!

Dreamworlds 3
Hosted by AARC for Sexual Assault Awareness Month
Friday April 18th
7:00 PM
5th Ave Cinemas
510 SW Hall St
Portland, OR 97201

Oh, hey, here's a video clip for you to check out, too. You're welcome!

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Ashley said...

I missed it. Do you know where I might gain access to Dreamworlds 3? You would think that such a significant film would be readily available...but nope. Not even on our vast WWW.