Monday, May 12, 2008

Self care - What have you been doing?

The death of Lisa McMurtrey two weeks ago is sticking in brain, even though it has more or less faded from the 5 o'clock news and the Metro section. It's been hard to keep up hope, to stay positive, and to continue up the steep incline that PWCL is on in the anti-violence movement.

On Mother's Day, which I spent with my daughter completely unplugged from work, online discussions and my cell phone (well, except for talking to my mother, sisters and my best friend), I was reminded that there is one thing I can do to help replenish when my well of determination and inspiration seems desperately low: Self-Care.

Here's one thing I did. I picked early blooming flowers (lilacs and spanish lavender) out of my yard and added a big sprig of fennel for fun. You might not think it, but the three smells together are wonderful - like my own personal anti-stress balm.

What have you advocates done lately to fill up? PWCL wants to know! :)


Katie C. said...

That looks beautiful! I love the fennel!

Katie C. said...

And I forgot to add that my self-care has lately been taking the form of walking home from work. It's about an hour-long walk through beautiful neighborhoods, rocking out to my Ipod and checking out all the gorgeous Portlanders I pass. I love spring!

Kelsey said...

To make a long story short, because of recent stuff I've been doing in my life to reduce stress and anxiety, I have in turn, after 20 years, quit biting my nails. So, I have been giving myself regular manicures since I have never really had nails to work with before. It has been wildly relaxing for me.

I've also been taking my pup to the park nearby on walks when it has been nice out, which is always lovely. Dogs are great helpers when it comes to self care.