Thursday, May 15, 2008

Take the Ask a Working Woman Survey

I just took some time out of my night to fill out the Ask a Working Woman Survey created by the AFL-CIO and Working America which will be used to generate a report on the current concerns of working women in America. I thought it had some great, straight-forward questions about where you're at in your career and where you thought you would be, as well as the good and bad things about your employment. It's funny to think that we've come so far, yet we're still fighting ye old glass ceiling in terms of having equality with men when it comes to pay, pensions, and assumptions about your role as a working parent.

According to the AFL-CIO Blog over 22,000 women took the 2006 survey. This is a great way to have your voice heard as the report will be shared with lots of important folks from Congress to the presidential candidates.

So, if you have a minute (or are just plain up late, like me) take the survey and contribute to the report. It's a good project for the hot day tomorrow when most people will be hiding inside in air conditioning. 96 degrees? That's just crazy talk.

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