Sunday, June 22, 2008


It's getting late and since I had a diet coke at 8pm, I don't think I'll be tired anytime soon. Oh bother.

Do you keep a journal? I have for the past year. I learned about gratitude journaling from my all-time favorite Oprah and thought it sounded a little hokey, but I tried it anyway. It has really helped to charge my optimism in times of increased stress, so I thought I would share that on here tonight. Let's face it... I've been stressed lately.

Last week I did a gratitude journal entry specifically related to work, because I often forget how much I have to be grateful for. Here goes!

1. I am grateful to work with amazingly talented, strong, intelligent and funny women.
2. I am equally grateful for the human ability to survive against seemingly insurmountable odds.
3. I am grateful for friends and coworkers who make stupid jokes with me to help ease vicarious trauma.
4. I am grateful for services, although taxed and sometimes few, that are out there for people to access in times of hardship and crisis... even if it's just another voice on a phone line at 3am.
5. I am grateful for having the opportunity to work in a field that allows me to continually find my own healing, as well as empower others to look for healing as well.
6. I am grateful for having things to look forward to, like seeing my goofy dog at the end of the day, or events that are a few months off.

I usually only do 3 gratitudes for the day, but this was last Wednesday and I felt like I needed to double that to counteract my pessimism. It helped. Are you feeling pessimistic or stressed? You should try it... seriously, I have a big cheese-o-meter and it works for me. TRY IT!

Okay I know I just sounded like a self-help book there. Try it anyway.

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