Friday, September 19, 2008

My Favorite Safety in Numbers Moment

For me, it was Betty Roberts. I heard her on OPB's Think Out Loud while I was driving to work last spring and was floored by all of the legislation that she had worked to pass. Restraining orders, rape shield laws, autonomy for married and divorced women, domestic violence shelters.... I found a contact to her through the Oregon Women Lawyers Foundation, a funder of PWCL for many years and made it my mission to have her speak to us at Safety in Numbers, Then I read her book and learned so much about Oregon politics, about women, about living through multiple decades of change in America.
My favorite moment was when she took the stage and was given a standing ovation. She deserves it. Thank you Betty and thank you to everyone who attended, volunteered, contributed and made it happen!
You can buy Betty's book here. It's a great read.

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