Tuesday, November 11, 2008

PWCL has been selected by Willamette Week for inclusion in the 2008 Give!Guide. The fifth annual Give!Guide is a holiday season fundraiser that serves as a unique vehicle for generating donations for a collection of Portland area non-profit organizations.

The goals of the Give!Guide are threefold:

* to provide publicity and exposure to a variety of local non-profits;
* to attract new donors and/or volunteers to these causes; and
* to encourage people age 18-35 to get involved in philanthropy.

Here's what you can do: Make sure everyone you know - friends, relatives, children, business acquaintances - hears about this great opportunity to support our cause and earn valuable and fun incentives in the process. Donations as small as $25 will get TriMet bus tickets, bags of tea, coupons for Dave's Killer Bread, and so forth. Donations as small as $100 will get a coupon for free dry cleaning, three yoga classes, TriMet bus tickets, etc. Larger gifts will result in home delivery of fancy bags of goodies, including beer, wine, coffee, tea and dog/cat products. Gifts over $1,000 bring with them personal visits from one of Willamette Week's two owners - publisher Richard Meeker and editor Mark Zusman.

There are even special incentives for us. If we attract the largest number of donors under the age of 36, Willamette Week will give us an additional $1,000. The same holds if we achieve the largest total (though we're only entitled to one of these incentives).

So please help us get the word out - and make sure everyone you know is looking for Willamette Week's Give!Guide when it publishes on Wednesday, November 12, and goes live on the web the same day at www.wweek.com/giveguide.

Thank you for supporting PWCL. Your support makes a difference every hour of the day, every day of the year.

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