Wednesday, May 6, 2009


(will benefit survivors of domestic and sexual violence...)

Oregon Family Leave Insurance will give employees 6 weeks of paid leave for a new child or ill family member. This insurance builds on existing family leave laws that provide 12 weeks of unpaid, job-protected leave. The insurance benefit is funded through a 2 cent per hour payroll deduction from employee salaries (about $42 per year). This modest contribution enables workers to be eligible for $300 per week, up to $1,800 per year.

Families need time to care. With an increasing number of Oregonians "sandwiched" between caring for their children and their aging parents, employees are increasingly called upon to balance their need for time-off against their need to earn a paycheck.

It is time to care for Oregon families. Tell your Legislators to keep Family Leave Insurance moving today!

Why would Family Leave Insurance help Oregon's families? Right now, families are struggling when a loved one needs care. Paid Family Leave helps families bridge the income gap caused by folks being unable to go to work because they need to care for a new baby or a sick family member. We need Paid Family Leave to help Oregon families stay out of poverty--especially in this time when so many families are already vulnerable.

Send a message to your Legislators Today!

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