Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Cost of a Call

Here at PWCL, we answer an average of 26,000 calls each year. We wanted to know the cost of each of these calls to put our expenses in perspective so, we took the expense of our Crisis Line program and divided it by 26,000. It turns out each call costs PWCL approximately $7.

I plan to go see Zombieland this weekend, and I can guarantee my movie ticket alone will be more than the cost of a Crisis Line call. So when I think about a call costing $7 for 24/7 access to skill Crisis Line Specialists who have the knowledge about community resources, emergency housing and immediate safety planning, I think its a pretty good deal.

I'm not just telling you this to educate you on what a good deal it is for survivors and our community who access our free services. I'm telling you because, honestly, we need your help. We need 700 people to help us support the cost of 700 calls a month by the end of December.

For me, $7 is an easy number. Cheaper than a movie ticket, cheaper than two lattes from the coffee shop, and about the same price as one of the cocktails I'll drink when I'm out this weekend.

Can you spare $7 for survivors? Sign up on our website now.

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