Thursday, October 18, 2007

Feminist have more fun (and better sex)

My lovely friend (and a friend of PWCL), Meghan, just forwarded this story to me about a recent study about feminists. Sounds like what you and I have known for a long time is now science: romantic relationships based on feminist values are healthy, happy, and hot.

Among the findings:
College-age women who reported having feminist male partners also reported higher quality relationships that were more stable than couples involving non-feminist male partners.
College guys who were themselves feminists and had feminist partners reported more equality in their relationships.
Older women who perceived their male partners as feminists reported greater relationship health and sexual satisfaction.
Older men with feminist partners said they had more stable relationships and greater sexual satisfaction.
Overall, feminism and romance do go hand in hand, the scientists say.

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Kelsey said...

Love this article! Maybe that's the reason why feminist workplaces are so friendly... everyone is getting some good good lovin' at home.