Saturday, October 20, 2007

The Roller Derby

Thank you Rose City Rollers!

Nia and I volunteered at the Roller Derby tonight. It was great. We debuted our new banner (which definitely could be bigger):

Unfortunately, we didn't have the tri-fold board but we improvised by inserting about 500 brochures and remit envelopes into the Bout programs. I met 3 new volunteers that are all energetic and awesome.

Nia was so excited to be there and desperately wanted "little skates". She was running around being crazy so much that I decided to use her for marketing:

And really, what's better marketing than this? ;)

I like to call her our "Littlest Advocate"


Kelsey said...

adorable! I really wish I hadn't missed this :(

Rebecca said...

Holy crap -- she's so cute, she hurts my feelings. Loving the hair!

angela said...

She is SO adorable. She was a hit among the roller derby girls too, everyone kept saying "Have you seen the little girl at the PWCL table?". I was really proud of PWCL at the bout. I think out of all the charities we've supported this year, PWCL had the best presence and used the opportunity most effectively. Even though I forgot Wendy's beautiful tri-fold.