Sunday, November 25, 2007

16 Days & White Ribbon Campaigns

Today is the start of the 16 Days Campaign and the White Ribbon Campaign. Both of these kick off around 2 weeks of anti-violence activism which, for me, is totally exciting. So fancy people, from November 25 through December 10 put on your super advocate hats and spread the word about anti-violence activism.

Tonight I helped pin loads of white ribbons with Men Against Rape at PSU to be passed out on campus and sent with informational mailings to state and county officials. Wearing the white ribbon is a pledge to never commit violence against women, and I like to think of it as a pledge to never commit domestic or sexual violence against any gendered person. The campaign was started in Canada by a group of men who wanted to acknowledge the gendered nature of DV and SA, and now even the Prime Minister wears the ribbon. If only our top government officials did the same.

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Ledena said...

In regard to the 16 days of activism to stop VAW: This is a list serve I belong to who is doing a campaign and will send you a story each day of the campaign and ways that you can stay invovled. See Below

Ann Jones, the IRC and 16 Days

The International Rescue Committee is working with writer,
photographer and long-time women's advocate Ann Jones to help
women in war zones -- survivors of conflict, displacement and
sexual and domestic violence -- use photography to document
their own lives and make their voices heard.

Ann is blogging from West Africa, posting new photos and stories
each day for 16 days starting November 25 -- the kick-off of "16
Days of Activism Against Gender Violence."

Just joining the conversation? To learn more about Ann and the
project -- and catch up on any posts you may have missed -- go

Pass it on: If you hit "forward" to send this to friends,
include this shortcut link in your message, so they can sign up: