Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Ahhh, the Oregonian

I was reading the paper this morning and two articles jumped out at me:
The first was a piece about an assault that occurred on the campus of Lewis and Clark last year:
I also found the most recent piece on the issue from the Lewis and Clark student newspaper, the Pioneer Log:
Both of the articles talk about the decision by some women on campus to publish the attacker's name on a Facebook page (it's since been removed). This reminds me of a HUGE argument I had with a college boyfriend about the ethics around a wall in one of the women's bathrooms in a dorm that was devoted to naming men who had assaulted women on-campus. It seems like the only thing that has changed is that now the forum women try to use to expose rapists can put them at risk of a lawsuit (which I bet is a large part of the reason it came down).
The full text of the letter is here:
but I wanted to quote one part of it: "I always thought that if anything like this ever happened to me, I would report it in a heartbeat, but I am sorry to say that I am too afraid. I don’t feel completely comfortable on this campus, and I don’t want to be afraid of further harassment from this man or his friends."

The other article that got my attention this morning was in the Living section--you know, the one with the comics, and Ask Amy, and the pets columns. So this morning at the bottom of the front page of the living section was an article, right next to the headline of the week("Pantless man rescued from kitchen ventafter New Year's celebrating") :
It's about the arrest of the Shins's base player on domestic violence charges and is just wrong, wrong, wrong.
Everything about this article is just weird and off-base--there's the not terribly surprising bit at the beginning where the authors suggests that Crandall doesn't act like an abuser; and the chirpy, gossipy tone whilst discussing the celeb-history of both parties; the weird bit at they end where they recount their efforts to find any police record for Crandall--am I reading too much into it to see that as an attempt to make him look innocent?--the fact that it's in the LIVING SECTION!!!!!!!!

I know I shouldn't be surprised when domestic violence is minimized but it really took the funny out of Peanuts this morning.


Linda said...

Wow, Hillary. Thanks for this post. I hardly know what to say about either of these things.

It's funny b/c as I was reading about the Shins guy, this link from MTV came up in the news feed.


Apparently he is "off the hook" now. Nice.

Rebecca said...

I don't understand why this was in the "Living" section either... because they're both celebrities? Wow.

I also find it interesting that the only research conducted by the writers involved looking for any previous involvement by law enforcement. If only they would have called PWCL, we could have let them know that only 10% of survivors call anyone at all for help so it's not uncommon that there is no such history.