Tuesday, January 8, 2008

More on the election

Mitt Romney actually admits he is "not familiar" with the Federal Violence Against Women Act

That's VAWA to those of us who are funded or work with people funded by it.

Well...in the very least I am not undecided on not voting for him.

Wouldn't it be a shocker if interpersonal violence was actually discussed intelligently by the candidates? Maybe we should keep an eye out for it.


Kelsey said...

For a fun little tidbit, Edwards is the only Democratic top running candidate (last time I checked) that has ANYTHING about women's issues on his campaign website. Obama had a women's issues section on his page a while back but when I checked a month ago it was gone, and I couldn't find anything on Hillary's website last month either.

Rebecca said...

During the last election for Multnomah County Commissioners, the Family Violence Coordinating Council held candidate forums specifically about domestic violence. I WOULD LOVE IF THAT EXISTED in this race... Then, of course, we'd also need a debate specifically on race; poverty; choice; the war in Iraq and Afghanistan; prison reform and the death penality; oppression against people with disabilities; discrimination against LGBTQ folk... Maybe that would slow down smear ads and empty rhetoric??