Tuesday, January 8, 2008

PWCL Fandom: Connect with Us on the Web

I can't explain how excited I am that our blog has become so active this week. Really, as someone who subscribes to many blogs for personal enjoyment, this makes my heart tingle to know that our work blog is getting some use.

If you aren't feeling involved enough through the PWCL Blog, you can also connect to us on a few other websites:

PWCL Myspace Page (be our friend!)
PWCL Facebook Causes Page (add it to your causes, publicize it, and maybe even donate)
PWCL Idealist.Org Page (find out about our programs)
GoodSearch (Use this page instead of Google to earn $$ for PWCL. Simply set "Portland Women's Crisis Line" as your non-profit)

Here's an idea - have a blog you read/contribute to? Post a link in the comments section so we can connect.

Happy web surfing!

1 comment:

Ms. Fincher's Finishing School for Awesome Lads and Lasses said...

I set up Goodsearch as my homepage and I use it more than google now. Thanks for setting up all these links!

I just went through all of PWCL's myspace friends and it warmed my heart to see so many of my real life friends represented. Hooray PWCL! Hooray Portland!