Thursday, January 10, 2008

Good ol oppression!

These days (well, most days if we're going to be completely honest, but especially these days) it's difficult to watch mainstream media without throwing something at the screen. I do my best to limit the amount of information I get from the mainstream media, but even reading about them on other blogs is enough to get me all riled and rage-y.

From Barack the "magical negro" (for unintentional hilarity brought about by, check out this article and for your daily dose of WTF, Rush Limbaugh's little ditty) to Hilary's "weepy breakdown", "cackle" and power to sway female voters with her magical vagina, it can feel like every corner of mainstream media is conspiring to drive me completely insane.

I guess I understood intellectually that a presidential campaign involving a man of color and a woman couldn't occur without the inevitable backlash, but I hadn't realized how insidious, petty and low-brow it could get and it's just making me tired. How are you all dealing with all the bull? Does anyone have any fun, feminist suggestions for activism that will help me feel more empowered? Aside from constructing a dart board with Chris Matthews' face on it, of course.

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