Friday, January 4, 2008

As Promised

One week ago, I promised the PWCL staff and board that once I had submitted a particularly important and hard deadlined grant proposal, I would share cute holiday pictures of my daughter.

Well, the proposal is submitted! Whew.

So here's my girl. She'll be three on the 20th, was born three months after I started working for PWCL (hiring a woman at 6 months pregnant? yay feminists!). She came to work at 2 months old and spent a lot of time sleeping on the laps and shoulders of various crisis line specialists.

So, here are some pictures from our holiday trip to Alaska, my home state. When we got there, she discovered the joy of eating snow:

This was Christmas Eve i.e. pure Gluttony. Notice, my kid is wearing a snow white dress, playing a video game, watching a DVD and eating a christmas cookie*mama shakes head*:

And here is Christmas morning:

Happy belated holidays!


Ms. Fincher's Finishing School for Awesome Lads and Lasses said...

She's so beautiful! What an amazing smile, just like yours!

Kelsey said...

Nia is so adorable that I can barely stand it.

And for gluttony, she should hang out with my partner. He loves multitasking while playing video games, especially if it includes snacking.