Friday, January 4, 2008

Put Your Reading Pants On

I haven't read a book since I received my undergrad degree in August, and I've felt mostly out of the loop in the novel world. I forgot how great it was until yesterday when Jenny handed me a book to read called Brothel: Mustang Ranch and Its Women. Now, I'm only halfway through but I already feel like it deserves a shout out on the PWCL Blog.

This novel details Alexa Albert's research into the health practices among legal prostitutes working for Mustang Ranch located in Nevada. So far, Albert has beautifully described the benefits and downfalls of legalized prostitution and eloquently described the stereotypes, fears, and notions she had of the sex industry before and during her research. I especially appreciate how all of the sex workers have been portrayed in this novel as real, worthy human beings and not caricatures of what society expects them to be. It is really refreshing to hear about the sex industry without erotic, demoralizing, or dramatic undertones, and it is even more important that Albert goes on the defense of the women at the Ranch instead of exploiting them.

Although I'm only halfway through, I feel like this novel is a great read for any feminist who has ever wrestled with feelings about the sex industry. While I feel that Albert arguments are pro-legalization, I think it is proving to be a thought-provoking read with pros and cons from both standpoints.

If you're like me, you have some self-care to catch up on. Reading is great self-care. Why not try Brothel?


Ms. Fincher's Finishing School for Awesome Lads and Lasses said...

Thanks for the recommendation. This is the best time of year for hunkering down with awesome books!

Ledena said...

I want to be added to Jenny's waiting list to read this book as well. Also, don't forget that Crystal gets back issues of Spread Magazine which we can take to read as well. I read two over the weekend and learned a lot about various issues regarding the SI. I especially liked an article about how anti-immigration legislation can impact sex workers...