Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Thinking on the Election: The Oppression Olympics are on!

A couple of thoughts and good links on the democratic candidates. First, I just want to say that even though the media is only going to get increasingly more obnoxious as we head toward November, I am getting more and more drawn into blog discussions with particular regard to the Clintons (cause c'mon they are running together), Obama and the intersection of race and gender in politics. I'm glad that Americans are having this discussion, even if it is only in the blogosphere.

First off, if you heard about or read the Gloria Steinem's op-ed in the NY Times, Gloria Steinem: Pitting Race Against Gender is an interesting analysis of how feminists are talking about the presidential race.

One of my favorite bloggers over at Racialicious Latoya Peterson rounds up a whole lot of commentary on the oppression olympics we are starting to see (in my humble opinion, of course) in Politics and Intersectionality

And I have to include this wonderfully snarky article: The Uncompromising Journalistic Standards of the NY Times

And lastly, an article that lays out what the candidates are saying they will do about poverty. Taking on Class and Race Obama is the only one that addresses domestic violence. Here is what he proposes:

Responsible Fatherhood and Healthy Families Act of 2007 - Amends part A (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families) (TANF) of title IV of the Social Security Act (SSA) with respect to: (1) funding for responsible fatherhood programs; (2) requirements to ensure procedures to address domestic violence; (3) activities promoting responsible fatherhood; (4) grants to healthy family partnerships for domestic violence prevention, for services for families and individuals affected by domestic violence, and for developing and implementing best practices; and (5) elimination of separate TANF work participation rate for two-parent families.

What do you all think about this change to TANF? I'd be really interested in hearing what those of you who work with people on it think. It kind of makes me like Obama more but I am still undecided.


jessica said...

thanks for all these great links! i'm thinking alot about the election, too, and appreciate knowing what's out there in blog world.

have to say, though, i'm not that impressed with Obama's suggested revisions to TANF - they seem very, very geared towards the Bush "save marriage" model of focusing on services to support two-parent (male and female, of course) families, instead of services to support women's self suffiency and autonomy. i appreciate the fact that he mentions about dv services, but in talking to women i hear them asking not for "responsible fatherhood" classes, but for childcare coverage, access to education, help getting affordable housing, counting educational credits as TANF eligible, and ending the Clinton legacy of the 5-year cut-off. also, only letting 2 parent families out of the JOBS program just isn't right...when dv survivors can't get exemptions from JOBS to deal with court, moving, etc. - and all the other hoops TANF creates.

anyway. thanks, PWCL, for doing this blog!

Linda said...

Thanks for your perspective, Jessica. I had some of these misgivings in reading his proposed changes too but couldn't quite articulate them. Thanks for adding your voice to our blog.