Sunday, February 17, 2008

Creative Juices

Yesterday, PWCL's Branding Committee met for a four hour "retreat" at my house to really hash out the key messages we can all use to talk about the fabulous work of the organization.

Coincidentally, my eight-year-old nephew sent me Flat Stanley the day before -- a cut out man that I'm supposed to take around the city for a week and then write about his adventures. I decided that Flat Stanley's first order of business would be to help the group brainstorm some ideas.

Here he is reviewing our Strategic Plan:

And here's Fay and Jennifer discussing the data collected through our various surveys:

And here's Scott, Rebecca S, and Michael talking about something very important:

And lastly, Flat Stanley again; this time helping with some big-picture themes from the group:

It was a really productive afternoon... but we're not finished yet. Many appreciations to Linda and Jennifer for planning the agenda; Fay for the delicious mac-n-cheese lunch; and to Rebecca S, Scott, and Michael (and everyone else too!) for giving up their Saturday.

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Kelsey said...

1. I love Flat Stanley

2. I love the color of your walls.