Friday, February 15, 2008

Stress Free Friday

I'm going to be honest, it was a stressful week for me. Its not like the calls I took were different or that the work in the office I did was hard, its just that I felt like I was go-go-going all week long. I also found myself fielding a lot of drama or stress coming from an array of friends which can be especially tiring after working all the livelong day.

Anyway, this blog isn't about stress. This is about self-care, and boy am I getting good at it lately. For example, yesterday after work I took a nice nap. When my partner got home we decided to do a mini-V-day celebration by getting chocolate cake at Rose's Deli (I died via chocolate last night, FYI). After my partner left for work (he works nights) I blasted some music and sang and danced until 1:30 am. That's right. By myself.

To continue the self-care, when I woke up this morning I visited my three favorite self-care websites: Cuteoverload, icanhascheezburger, and ihasahotdog. These all have cute pictures of animals in one form or another. Here's my favorite:
Look at that big ole bulldog snuggle the kitty with his big ole paws. I can't take the cute!

So in light of my now 1.5 days of stress free self-care, I want to know what you all like to do to relieve stress and take care of yourself? Don't be shy, I just admitted to solo dance parties and reading ridiculous websites. And really, the more embarrassing the more likely I'll be to copy you. So c'mon, don't be shy - comment away stress relievers!


Katie C. said...

God that picture is AMAZING. I love those websites too. Have you ever seen

My methods of self-care usually involve some beer (Trader Joes has a new blueberry flavored beer, yum!), an episode of This American Life, some mindless teevee (ANTM is both horribly awesome and awesomely horrible), a really ugly puzzle (think unicorns frolicking on a hideous CG beach, with a bald-headed eagle flying overhead with the american flag reflected in it's eye) and doing crossword puzzles in bed. Also, spending time with my awesome friends. Board games FTW!

Linda said...

i hang out with my kid.

tonight she made us "dinner" out of playdough. when i asked her what was for dinner she said, "strawberry cake!"

i love that picture too!

Lauren said...

definitely watching funny and/or mindless movies, or movies i loved when i was a kid. read: anything christopher guest, the princess bride, and the neverending story, among others.
also, hanging out with/calling people i KNOW will make me laugh. laughter is, as they say, the best medicine.