Friday, April 18, 2008


When things start to get complicated, I like to go back to the basics. I don't know about you, but things are starting to feel... complicated.

PWCL is so busy right now! We have so many fabulous things happening -- Bike Back the Night; Safety in Numbers; a new website; new grants; new positions. It's amazing and inspiring, and it's a whole lot of work.

On this Friday, with my ipod and stacks of paper keeping me company in my office, I'm humming a song that has always been a reminder of why I do the work I do and have the commitments I have. It's "Joyful Girl" by Ani Difranco, and I thought you could use it as a reminder too.

I do it for the joy it brings
because I'm a joyful girl
because the world owes us nothing
we owe each other the world
I do it because it's the least I can do
I do it because I learned it from you
and I do it just because I want to

I want to

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Linda said...

omgosh, Rebecca. You just made me cry. It's a really exciting and exhausting time right now. Pretty damn joyful on a fairly regular basis too. Just last night, I was thinking about how much more I laugh at work lately. :) Who would have thought it could be fun to work at a domestic and sexual violence crisis line?