Wednesday, April 30, 2008

A Reminder of the Importance of Services for DV Survivors

Today we received a very tragic reminder of the safety needs of domestic violence survivors and victims. You can find some coverage on the story here.

Lisa McMurtrey was shot and killed as she pulled up in front of the West Linn Police Department as she tried to flee her estranged husband, Newton McMurtrey. Her SUV was sideswiped as she pulled up to the police department and she was shot and killed in her car.

After Newton McMurtrey shot his wife he then turned the gun on himself. He died later at the hospital.

This story is incredibly sad, and unfortunately, way too common. PWCL contacted the media this morning to speak out about domestic violence and the resources we offer here at the crisis line. You can find some coverage shot here at the crisis line on KPTV FOX 12 News tonight, and also an interview with Rebecca Peatow Nickels, our Executive Director, on KOIN 6 News this evening.

If you have time today, please take a minute to remember Lisa McMurtrey. I know all of us here at PWCL have her and her family on our minds.

I also want to say thank you to all of those advocates working so hard in the DV/SA field. Today is a sad reminder of why our jobs are so important.


Linda said...

Thanks for this, Kelsey.

My heart goes out to her family and friends.

Jenny said...

It's really terrible that the most frequently asked question about this case is "what could she have done differently?" Why isn't anyone asking, "Why did her ex-husband shoot her in front of the police station?" To me, her husband's actions just demonstrate how willing some abusers are to damage (or end) their own lives if it means they can maintain control of their victims.