Friday, May 2, 2008

Ballots are out!

Hey PWCL Blog Readers! Do you vote?

I do. I miss the polling places but I was excited this morning when my ballot (Nia called it my "red mail") showed up.

So, please vote your mind and heart! And while you're at it, check out Color of Change and take action to tell Democratic superdelegates to follow the will of the people. Here's an excerpt from the letter they are asking us to send:

It has come to my attention that elected officials and party leaders are actually considering using their status as "superdelegates" to hand the nomination to Hillary Clinton against the will of voters, an action that would disenfranchise millions.

Following this course would be a shocking attack on voting rights and democracy. It would also give your seal of approval to an "electability" strategy executed by stoking race-based fear and division among voters. We expect that from the Republicans; we fight them on it every year. But now the leadership of the Democratic Party is poised to cosign this strategy of division and disenfranchisement. This could be the worst mistake the party has ever made, yet it's being talked about as a legitimate way for this campaign to end.

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