Monday, April 7, 2008

SAAM Activism

A big blog thanks goes to Feministing for being so on top of everything.

I just read this article: Another military contractor rape *before you click - trigger warning*

Essentially, another woman working for a US defense contractor in Iraq has come forward as a survivor of a terrible, terrible sexual assault (too many details in the article. sigh.) perpetrated on her by her male coworkers.

The survivor was told to be quiet about it by superiors and stayed quiet for fear that more violence would be perpetrated against her.

Feministing is asking us to do a few things to support this survivor and the many, many survivors who are speaking up after working for defense contractors in Iraq, which I think is just so smart of the Feministing folk and it makes me like them all the more.

So, PWCL folks:

Take Action! Pressure the Department of State and Department of Defense to take steps to protect US contractors; urge them to respond to the concerns raised by Rep. Louise Slaughter.

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