Thursday, May 22, 2008

Dating a Loser? Or an Abuser?

Hillary brought this article to my attention today.

It's an excerpt from an article called "Warning Signs You're Dating A Loser" by Dr. Joseph Carver who advises women to look out for the following:

1) Rough treatment: such as hitting, punching kicking, and hair pulling.

2) Quick attachment: shallow emotions and connections.

3) Killing your self-confidence: correcting your mistakes, putting you down, calling you fat, etc.

It's so weird because I thought that all those things sounded an awful lot like domestic violence, and that a loser was more like a guy who tucked his striped shirt into his plaid pants and lived in the basement with his mom.

You can read the entire article here. If you want to e-mail The Oregonian and tell them you don't think it's appropriate to pass abuser off as "losers" e-mail


Kelsey said...

Way to go, Oregonian. As Hillary said, nothing is more fit for the cutesie column then domestic abuse.

Blarg. I will try to write a letter this weekend.

Jennifer said...

is there a website where women can go to post an abuser that will be preying on other women in Nashville, TN?

Kelsey said...

Hi Jennifer,

I don't know of any website like that. I suggest trying your local domestic violence information line. I found the information for the YWCA Domestic Violence line in Nashville. It is:

YWCA Crisis & Information Line, it is free and confidential, 24 hours a day. (615) 242-1199 or (800) 334-4628.