Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Contraception = Abortion says the Feds!

So, over the last few months, Secretary Mike Leavitt of the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has been blogging about increasing the protections for health care professionals to deny access to procedures and information around types of care that the health care provider finds "morally wrong".

This could be a HUGE list, but lets spell out the most obvious:
abortion, contraception, HIV/AIDS treatment, family planning, artificial insemination, any kind of care for lesbian or gay folks, sex-reassignment surgery, end of life care, treatment for depression, infertility and drug addiction.

And if they won't provide the treatment, do you think they will provide education about options with a referral list of other providers in the patients' area that will provide these services? And when the insurance companies are added to this list of "providers" that are allowed to decide what is and isn't an abortion or family planning or child birth options for queers, we are all simply SCREWED!

Check out Our Bodies Our Blog for more commentary and links.

Go to the National Women's Law Center to send a message to your representative to stop this 11th hour attack on women's health care.

The Regulation is in its comment phase, ending around September 20th, so get on your gams, girls, and get to it!
That means you too guys!!!

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Linda said...

Thanks Barbara! This is so freaking scary to me. Particularly after I put myself through the wringer by watching the Republican Governor of my home state accept the GOP VP nomination. People in the audience were yelling Drill Baby Drill! Different topic, I know, but same crowd. I've sent my letter.