Thursday, September 25, 2008

Moving Through Frustration into Empowerment.

Taking action in the political sphere can be hard.

What do I do? Where do I put my time? How do I communicate effectively to our representatives that are so disconnected from my life, my town, and my values? How can I be effective in my words and actions?

These are big questions that lots of people across the political spectrum -- blue, red, green, orange, brown, etc -- experience, so you aren't alone in your frustration.

Bitch Magazine, my new favorite Portland publication, has a fantastic resource on their website for folks to learn how to write an effective Protest Letter! Check it out and get to it! This info will help you state your position to elected officials at all levels of government or to administration appointees or to the editor of your local paper.

Take that rage, sadness and momentum for change and use the tools at your disposal!!!

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lauren said...

have i told you folks lately how much i love your blog? well i do. i love your blog, and i love PWCL. keep the awesome coming.