Thursday, September 11, 2008

Overwhelmed with Support

Safety In Numbers is shaping up so amazingly, and even though it is 1am and I am beyond tired and I KNOW I need sleep, I had to get on here to make a blog post.

Because, the truth is, I'm completely knocked off my feet by the amount of love and support that is being thrown PWCL's way for Safety In Numbers.

As someone who works on the crisis line, I have felt the pinch of the lack of resources for survivors over the past year. I have felt jaded, and often like I was not making a difference in the lives of folks calling the crisis line.

This week, I am seeing that is not the case. As Safety In Numbers rolls around the corner (literally! It's TOMORROW), people have come out of the woodwork to support us. Survivors have come forward to be a part of the event, staff has rallied to get things done no matter what the cost of time or energy, and the community is joining together to support an agency that has been around, and has struggled to stay alive, for over 36 years.

If you are planning to attend Safety In Numbers this Friday at the Crystal Ballroom, thank you for your support, and thank you for helping me break through my feeling of hopelessness. I know by having this event, we will be making a difference in the lives of the people we talk to.

If you haven't yet, please call PWCL or visit to purchase your tickets to Safety In Numbers. It will truly be a night to remember!

You can check out event details and an auction catalog at PWCL's Tofino Auction Page.

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