Monday, September 15, 2008

Safety in Numbers 2008 rocked my face off!

Holy awesome batman! I love how we just keep getting better and better every year. We filled the Crystal Ballroom, for pete's sake! While I'm still recovering from all the adrenaline and running up and down stairs in high heels for 4 hours I'd love to know: What was your favorite part of Safety in Numbers 2008?

I had a hard time picking one, so here are my two favorite moments.

1. Looking around and seeing all of the amazing day-of volunteers who committed to spending their Friday night doing really important, but really hard, work.

2. The live auction and special appeal. I got goosebumps when folks kept raising their paddles! It was incredibly moving to see folks really getting how important PWCL is and deciding to support us.

Now it's your turn!


Kelsey said...

I have trouble picking out my favorite part because it was so amazing to see something we've worked on for almost a year come to fruition. I think seeing so many people in one room supporting PWCL and raising their bidder cards was one of my favorite parts. I also really, really loved Molly's speech. I was all teared up.

Anonymous said...

Betty Roberts and the PSA both rocked. I liked hearing from the PSA producers. The live auction and special appeal seemed to go really well. The food and desserts were good. The music was great. Everything seemed to run pretty smoothly, with a few small exceptions.

T and R said...

Honestly, I think the best part was arriving outside the Crystal Ballroom to see the long line of supporters, lined up around the corner, all full of energy for the night. I couldn't believe it! Okay, so maybe there were technical issues behind-the-scenes, but still...seeing that line meant that LOTS and lots of people were all there, for one night, to come together in unity to show their support and lend their hands (and wallets) for such a vital resource in our community.

It is amazing how far PWCL has come in the past few years. Kudos to all the staff, volunteers, and board members who worked their butts off to make SIN 08 such a success. Congrats!