Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Palestinian Solidarity Protest in Portland

Because when others are oppressed, no one is free.

Portland, come out in numbers and show your solidarity with the people of Palestine! As Israel prepares for a ground invasion of Gaza, cities worldwide are demonstrating their outrage of Israeli war crimes against the besieged Palestinian people. Over the past few days, over 360 Palestinian people have been murdered by the Israeli Occupation Army.

Tuesday December 30, 2008 Gather at 4:30, Rally 5:00 pm
Where: Federal Building, Downtown Pdx, SW 3rd & Madison

Organized by: Americans United for Palestinian Human Rights, Portland Peaceful Response Coalition, and others.

Check out the link to this rally on Portland Indymedia.

For an ongoing report from the Occupied Palestinian Territories, please check out the International Middle East Media Center.

The US state-sanctioned occupation of the Palestinian people and land is virtually no different than the ongoing abuse a survivor of domestic violence faces in her home. Both these forms of oppression are based on the same values: domination and control. And they both happen by the hands of a more powerful entity -- whether a person or a nation-state.

If we hold the value that people deserve a life free from domestic and sexual violence, then it is a natural extension for us to work toward a global society where all people can live free of war and occupation.

Read this article of the Israeli bombing of a civilian population. "The Longest Night of My Life" could be story we hear on the Crisis Line...

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