Wednesday, February 13, 2008

"Mercy Killing" Murder Suspect is More Suspicious Than We Know

This story has been haunting me for a couple of weeks now. If you aren't familiar or aren't in the Portland area, I can sum it up by saying that it is a story about a man, John Roberts, in Gresham who murdered his ill wife while she was asleep. Days after the story emerged his brother went to the news stations and claimed that the murder was a "mercy killing" that the man and his wife had agreed upon.

Now, a week later, an ex-wife of Roberts has come forward to tell of past mental and emotional abuse that she endured during the marriage. Moreover, Roberts' wife's doctors released a clean bill of health, so the idea of a mercy killing is questionable.

I tried my best to hold my tongue on this one and give Roberts the benefit of the doubt, but I hate that my first worry and judgment were correct. As I think Jenny mentioned the other day, it is like when Miranda Gaddis and Ashley Pond disappeared. None of us wanted to assume the overly helpful male neighbor, but I'm sure many of us knew what was going on before the truth came out in the news.

I wish my gut instincts were wrong about these things sometimes--I'd have more faith in our world.

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Linda said...

I hadn't seen that his ex had come forward. I had some of the same feelings as you about this one, kelsey. I hate it (as a former death with dignity activist and employee) that when this was reported at first, the media really hung on to that mercy killing angle. now that it is "just a murder" they probably won't bother to talk about the systematic abuse that woman was going through. thanks for the link. this is a sad story and a reminder that emotional and mental abuse can also be deadly.