Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Rape as an epidemic

I was surprised and appreciative to see that a mainstream news source like MSN had "Rape as a weapon of war" as it's first headline when I logged on to my computer last night. According to UNICEF, violence against women and children has nearly doubled in countries like Kenya and the Democratic Republic of Congo, and in Kenya they noticed the increase in a matter of days.

It reminds me that fighting for peace in our homes and fighting for peace in our global community is linked on such a fundamental level; we can't focus on just one or the other.


Linda said...

I was planning to post something about this in Kenya too but sometimes when I think about this violence happening right now to those women and young girls (as young as 3, i read and my heart broke in a hundred pieces), I get stuck in just trying to comprehend it.

You are right though. It is all interconnected.

Kelsey said...

Exactly what I was thinking, Linda.

I have no words.